Houston R-1 School District

Houston Education Foundation

  • The mission of the Houston Education Foundation is to promote education excellence and opportunity beyond the scope of the Houston R-1 school system by generating financial resources from private funds to provide support for educational programs.


    Why the Need?

    Due to state and federal budget cuts and higher operating costs, Missouri schools are struggling for resources to educate their students and to provide for their teachers. In response, many schools across the state are involved in establishing educational foundations to provide academic enrichment beyond the basics.


    The Houston Education Foundation was established in the fall of 2006 to address ongoing needs in the Houston Schools. The HEF is a tax-exempt public charity which enables you to give your charitable donations to your schools.


    The Houston Education Foundation is an affiliate of the Houston Community Foundation and the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.


    What is an Endowment Fund?

    An endowment fund is a permanent fund; the principal is never spent. Grants for charitable purposes are made from the annual earnings.


    There are four type of endowment funds:


    Unrestricted Funds - Houston students of the future can be provided for by the generosity of today's donors who recognize that tomorrow's needs cannot be anticipated today. An unrestricted fund allows the Houston Education Foundation to make grants to the most important qualifying needs of the school as they arise.


    Designated Funds - The donor, at the time of fund establishment of $10,000 or more, restricts the annual earning to a specific charitable purpose. For example, it can be for a scholarship for a Houston High School graduate.


    Donor Advised Funds - Charitable donors, able and willing to establish funds in life, can provide periodic advice to the HEF Board of Directors concerning awarding of the earnings. Donor advised funds require amounts exceeding $10,000 to establish this type of fund.


    Field of Interest Funds - The charitable donor at the time of fund establishment of $10,000 or more, indicates a field of interest for distribution of earnings. For example, this can be for band, choir, the sciences, math or debate.


    Levels of Giving

    Recognized with a plaque

    Founder's $5,000+

    President's $2,000-$4,999

    Director's $1,000-$1,999


    Recognized with a certificate

    Platinum $750-$999

    Gold $500-$749

    Silver $250-$499

    Bronze $100-$249


    Friend of the Schools

    Member $25-$99

    Even small amounts are important!


    Donors don't need to give large amounts of money to make a difference. Small and thoughtful gifts are also effective ways for people to support a cause they care about. A cause that reflects their values.


    Memorial gifts upon a friend's or loved one's death are especially meaningful.


    Gifts can be in the form of check, stocks, bonds, real estate, life insurance policies, or other valuables.


    Equally important, planned giving is something that can be instituted while living, with significant benefits to all parties. It can be a smart investment plan that begins now and continues to touch many lives after the donor's death.


    Contact us about joining the Houston Education Foundation in supporting our kids and our future. For more information, contact either of the following people:


    Joe Richardson, President
    Butch Burch, Vice President