• Houston Middle School Classroom Supply List


    All students will need

    Ear Buds
    6 pkgs. Notebook Paper
    2 Composition Notebooks
    6 Pocket Folders
    6 large pkgs. Pencils
    1 pkg. Colored Pencils
    1 Scissors
    2 rolls of clear tape refills
    2 pkgs. Glue Sticks
    2 pkg. Blue ink pens
    2 pkg. Black ink pens
    1 pkg. Red ink pens
    1 pkg. Highlighters
    6 boxes Kleenex Tissues


    Art Students
    1 Sketch book
    1 bottle liquid soap


    8th Grade Social Studies
    1 pkg. small index cards


    Band Students
    Flutes: cleaning kit, polish cloth.
    Clarinets: cleaning kit, 3pk reeds (strength 2.5/3).
    Saxophones: cleaning kit, polish cloth, 3pk reeds (strength 2.5/3).
    Brass: cleaning kit, valve oil, polish cloth.
    Percussion: stick bag, SD1 general snare sticks, promark discovery series medium marimba mallets.
    All supplies can be bought through any music store.