Professional Development Information



    Missouri has recognized that professional learning is vital to engaging and impactful student learning.  Missouri has established specific legislation to guide the Professional Development of Missouri teachers by developing an in-depth, organized, systemic approach to professional learning.  

    The Houston R-1 School District continues to strive for excellence in meeting all the requirements for professional development to provide the greatest impact on student achievement. 

    Annually the school board is presented with the Professional Development Plan that aligns the work of professional growth with the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) goals. 

    The district has an established Professional Development Committee that hasteachers, instructional coaches and administrators serving the district to  identify areas to enhance instruction and growth, ensure appropriate allocation of resources for professional development opportunities and assist with individual professional development plans.


    CURRENT PD PLAN 2021 - 2022  


    Please see one of the PD Committee Members listed below for more information on Professional Development Opportunities!








    Ruth Wallace-2022


    Rebekah Wann-2021


    Carla Walker-2023


    Linda Buchanan-appointed



    Middle School:


    Shelly Mutzebaugh-2023


    Mandy Adey-2022



    High School:


    Kary Harrah-2022


    Matthew Peterson-2021


    Wytney Steelman (record keeper)-2023





    Maygen Ward (chairperson)-appointed


    Amanda Munson-appointed


    Stephanie Greiner-appointed