Welcome to the Houston Middle School Guidance Office

  • Welcome!  I will be adding helpful links and resources to this page over time.  Until then, click here to access my website Counselor Connect.  If you have any questions, please contact me.  (My contact information is listed to the right.)  Lastly, the links and resources provided on my website aren't endorsed by Houston Schools.

    There are many opportunities which are available to students at Houston Middle School; information is provided via email to ensure a quick response. Please make sure you have an accurate email on file with the school.

Mr. Brett Rawlings

Contact Information

  • Brett Rawlings

    Middle School Guidance Counselor

    (417) 967-3024 ext. 2311


    FAX:  (417) 967-5481

    Office Hours:  7:40 AM - 3:30 PM