Student Health Services

  • The Houston School District employs two school nurses to provide for the health and physical well-being of students. Services provided by the nursing staff include:


    •Administering laws that protect the health of children attending school

    •Emergency first aid treatment for injury or illness occurring during the school day

    •The administration of medication, pursuant to Board policy

    •Guidance and counseling concerning health problems of students

    •Age-appropriate health education

    •Health screenings


    Each year every student in the district must have an updated health information form which is completed during the student enrollment process. If at any time your student's health information needs updated please contact your school nurse to update your student's health information form. 


    Please note: Many times, parents write a note to school officials explaining specific illness and/or injury issues which prevent students from participating in activities. The following concerns require a doctor's order (which may be faxed to the school by the doctor's office): medication taken at school, use of crutches, needing to carry a water bottle for additional fluids, no PE and/or recess (when it is for an extended period of time), extra bathroom breaks.


    Please select the Medical Forms tab to the left of the screen for more information regarding student medical form information.

Nurse's Contact Info

  • Amy Smith, Elementary Nurse

    417-967-3024 ext. 2240


    Karen Smith, Middle & High School Nurse

    417-967-3024 ext. 2404


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