Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

  • Houston R-1 School District’s teachers and administrators work collaboratively to develop and implement a rigorous curriculum at all levels.  The district curriculum is the Missouri Learning Standards and teachers and administrators utilizes a variety of resources to support their instruction and the student’s learning of the concepts.  Curriculum is a living document and is never “finished”.  As a district we are committed to continually developing and adapting the curriculum to provide students with the essential skills to be successful.  Through the use of multiple resources teachers have a variety of instructional strategies and techniques to enhance the learning process.

    Through an evidenced-based process the Houston R-1 School District has identified priority standards and support standards that are essential to learning and that meet the goals of providing a rigorous and viable curriculum rooted in the Missouri Learning Standards.  These identified priorities were determined through a teacher-led process that considers not only the content or grade-level standards but also considers the vertical alignment of a student’s future coursework.   All teachers are actively working on the continued development of their course content around these established standards.

    Houston R-1 School District has made a strong commitment in assisting teachers in the area of curriculum development and instruction.  Stephanie Barbagiovanni serves as the District Curriculum Director and Testing Coordinator providing oversight to the curriculum development process and support the work of teachers and administrators in the area of instructional leadership.  Mrs. Wytney Steelman, district instructional coach, Mrs. Linda Buchanan, elementary instructional reading coach and Mrs. Jessica Meier, elementary instructional math coach, provides support and resources for teachers within their classroom environments to aid in the development and implementation of innovative instructional strategies.