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Poems to our Veterans

Poems to the Veterans by 6th Grade
(Photos by Jeff McNiell, Houston Herald)

The Flag Still Waves
By: Madi Reed
(In honor of veterans everywhere)

Mom and child hand in hand,
Our soldiers die,
Children cry.
The flag still waves.
Help the weak be strong,
Lets pray the war won’t last long.
The strong, the weak, the brave,
For their lives the soldiers gave.
The flag still waves.
Respect and honor these men now earned,
Is something that we all have learned.
The red, the white, and the blue,
The beauty of it shines right through.
The flag still waves.
Standing high up in the sky,
I’m very proud I won’t deny
Bullets, tears, and blood were shed,
Our dear flag--the blue, the white, and red,
The flag still waves.

Hope, From a Mother to Her Son
By: Aubrey Crockett
(Dedicated to my Granddad Bobby Crockett)

As a mother watches her son march up the hill,
She hears him call goodbye!
She knows every breath could be his last,
That his life could fade away fast.
The gray color of dawn,
As pale as a dove´s wing,
Fades away fast, leaving the soldier thinking,
That his life could fade away fast,
Just like the dawn.
As a gunshot rings out,
It stirs up the dust,
Just as the dust starts to settle,
Another gunshot stirs it up.
The same color of dusk.
When the war is over,
The mother sees a faint outline in the dust.
In the faint light of dusk,
Happiness swells in her heart,
As her son steps in front of her,
She knows that his life did not fade,
His life did not fade away fast.

They Don’t Give Up
By: Andy Durham
(Dedicated to my Grandpa Bill and Grandpa Loyd)

No matter how
Many people die,
They relentlessly defend us.
No matter how many families cry,
They don’t give up on us.
And all the while,
Through all the trials,
The stars and stripes will fly,
And peace they shall reconcile.
To those who would betray us,
To those who would waylay us,
The USA Veterans will stop them.
Thank you my courageous brethren!

Thank You Veterans
By: Sabrina Blair
(Dedicated to my mom Melissa Koehn)

Veterans fight for me,
Veterans fight for you,
Veterans fight for our country,
Thank you, United States veterans.
They grabbed their guns,
To set us free,
Help in the fight for our lands,
Thank you, United States veterans.
There were taken from their families,
To go fight for them,
They have some loud tired long days,
Without you and me.
They have fallen soldiers,
To set us free,
But thank my brave courageous mom,
Melissa Koehn

The Clock Strikes War
By: Casey Merckling

At ten o’clock,
The battle begins,
The first bullets are shot,
The clock keeps ticking.
At twelve o’clock,
Your friend lay still in the soil,
During the turmoil,
The clock keeps ticking.
At one o’clock,
The battle is over,
The dead are gone,
The living forgotten,
The clock keeps ticking.
At three o’clock,
You’ve returned to base,
Heart broken from the horrors you’ve witnessed,
“Will I be next?” You say to yourself,
Maybe, but you won’t quit pushing,
No matter the cost,
The clock keeps ticking.

By: Gracie Tottingham

Land of the free.
The most amazing place to be.
Home of the brave.
The most courageous job is to protect and save.
The magnificent right to choose.
I can’t lose.
The amazing country where I will survive.
Being here makes me feel alive.
The veterans who have fought,
I never forgot.

Standing Strong
By: Colton Stewart

Bullets flying,
Hoping we’re not dying,
Everyone’s eyes filled with dread,
Standing Strong
Everyone’s pride,
Throats dry,
All alone,
Still standing strong
The war has ended,
We all are alive,
Gasping for air,
We are strong

We Are Free
By: Aliyah Walker
(In honor of the brave U.S. Veterans)

With courage and strength, they believe,
With love and bravery, they serve,
With hope and dignity they, stand,
With freedom and prayer, they fight.
Their lives are rough,
Their lives are dangerous,
Their lives are scary,
Their lives are important.
They are brave,
They are bold,
They are fearless
Because of them,
We are free!

Out of Love
By: Lily A. Johnson

U.S. soldiers slowly get out of bed.
At the crack of dawn,
Not slept in one week,
All of a sudden, “Boom!”
A violent gun fire,
They bravely dash to the scene.
“Boom! Boom!”
They duck for cover.
Realizing today could be their last,
But if they had to do it again,
Yes! They would!
Thank you, U.S. Veterans!

We Love Our U.S. Veterans
By: Tabitha Melton

Brave and kind,
Sweet and nice,
We love our U.S. Veterans.
They fight for us,
They die for us,
We love our U.S. Veterans.
The American Veterans love us.
They are amazing.
We love our U.S. Veterans.
This is how much we love our U.S. Veterans.
To the moon and back,
We love our U.S. Veterans.

As Shots Are Fired
By: Dilyn Reynolds
(Dedicated to Grandpa Richard)

As shots are fired,
He feels pain and blood.
He sees explosives and fire.
He’s running and feel weak.
But God blesses him with strength,
As he ran, he heard my name.
As he looked up, he feels the wind.
It’s a chopper and he felt better.
The chopper was not friendly.
It suddenly shot at him.
He thought to himself, but suddenly, “Boom!”
To this day, Grandpa is still loved and respected

They Fight
By: Emily Cross

I sit and watch as they fight,
Watching the jets as they take off in flight,
Knowing that they are doing what is right,
They fight,
I see the submarines as they go down low,
Hear the cannons make a blow,
They pick up their guns real slow,
They fight,
They fight for you and me,
They fight for freedom,
They fight,

Standing Tall
By: Tyler Lawson
(In honor of my grandpa Keith Fortner)

They fight for our freedom.
They lose life and limb for us.
The respect I have for them is immense.
I am honored to be related to one.
He was one of the greatest men I have ever known.
The sun streaming through the trees.
The bullets flying through the air,
Comrades fall one by one,
But he stands tall and strong.
He looks the enemies in the eyes not afraid.
He stands for his family and his country.
The men around him see him as a hero.
He sees himself as a regular soldier,
In an endless war, all you can do is wait and pray.
He and many others stood and fought
They’re standing tall for their country and their liberty.

I Am Proud
By: Novey Goforth
(Dedicated to my dad Dusty Goforth and to my grandpa Norman Epperson)

They were loud,
They shed blood,
They died for us,
I am proud.
They leave their families,
They are courageous,
They get wounded for us,
I am proud.
They sacrifice their lives for us,
They fight for our freedom,
They fight for the liberty of our flag,
I am proud.
Red stands for the blood they shed,
White stands for purity,
Blue symbolizes our soldiers vigilance,
I am proud.

Fight for All
By: Olivia Crites

As our soldiers save us
We sit at home
They are up day and night
Saving us from fright
We all pray for them not to suffer
They know that their lives might be done for
As they step on the battlefield they might not recover
But they would rather fight than flight
To save our lives
They went into the fight
They gave their lives
They think about their family
And fight, fight, fight
Fight for our rights

Gracefully Walk
By: Katie Chipps
(In Honor of all the U.S. veterans)

Walk with love,
Walk with pride,
Walk with bravery,
Walk with sadness,
But never forget the ones who died,
They walk with ache.
Knowing not what to say,
Replaying in their eyes,
Gracefully walk
They walk with pain.
Holding in their sorrows,
Screaming in fear,
Gracefully walk
Thank the American veterans,
Bold and brave,
Who saved the people,
Gracefully walk

War Without Loss
By: Deven Jenkins

I try to stay calm, during the gunfight,
Doing all that I think is right,
While there is bloodshed,
Everyone’s eyes are filled with dread.
All the planes flying over our head,
While there is even more bloodshed,
We shoot up far in the sky,
Hoping that we do not die.
All the enemy planes walloped into the ground,
All moving fast, like the speed of sound,
Although we had much loss,
We still won the war.

Oh, How I Am Grateful
By: Katie Edwards
(In honor of my Grandpa James Mandernacht)

Red, White, and Blue,
The colors of freedom,
That the soldiers gave us,
Oh, how I am grateful.
Taking that time,
Away from their families,
While we stay with ours,
Oh, how I am grateful.
Risking their lives,
Just for people,
They do not know,
Oh, how I am grateful.

When We See the Flag
By: Nicholas Cope

When we see the flag,
We see stars and stripes.
We think of the soldiers that
Fought and died to protect us.
We thank the U.S. military.
Navy, marines, army, and airforce
Who helped protect us
We see the flag symbolizing freedom.
We thank the soldiers that protect us.
So we thank them and pray,
They will be protected.
That is why I am thankful.
Just for people,
They do not know,
Oh how I am grateful.
I am so thankful.

By: Alivia Blaska

The young man fights.
He is a soldier at war.
He fights.
Not knowing whether or
Not he would be going home.
His family fights.
The heartache of not knowing
If they will see him again.
But they know he is fighting for them.
For their freedom.
He watches as soldiers fight.
He stands frozen in fear.
Then he thinks of his family.
He wants to see them again.
So he fights.
He fights through a field
Of soldiers good and bad.
He is determined to see them again.
He hears a gun go off
Not knowing if it's his friend.
He keeps fighting.
He keeps fighting and fighting.
Until he knows he can see them again.
Now it is over.
It is truly over.
His family is in tears.
As he walks through the door.
He falls it to tears as he realizes he can see them again.
He lost a lot but now he can truly stop.
Fighting and fighting to see them again.