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Houston Receives $42,000 Grant

Houston Elementary School is the recipient of a $42,000 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) grant.


Missouri University of Science and Technology has partnered with Houston to increase the number of school districts utilizing Project Lead the Way (PLTW). The goal of PLTW is to help students understand that STEM education is relevant in their lives and see potential for future careers. The overarching goal of this effort is to increase the ability of the region to attract new jobs and new investment by improving the educational aptitude and achievement of students, and competitive position of the school district. This appropriation was provided in FY2017 to help school districts offset costs of these programs and to provide state match for potential federal grant money.


Senator Mike Cunningham was instrumental in earmarking the funding source for these grant monies. The current money will be used for Project Lead the Way training of 13 staff members as well the purchase of materials and technology to implement the program. The pilot project will begin in January and students in 11 classrooms, ranging from kindergarten through fifth grade, will receive instruction during their scheduled science curriculum. Middle school students will also be exposed to some STEM-type activities during a technology elective course. Expectation of increasing Project Lead the Way to all elementary classrooms will occur in August 2017 as well as expansion to middle school.

 Awarding of STEM grant check

Pictured are: 
Former represenative Wendell Bailey, Middle School Principal Amber Stephens, Elementary Principal Jody Jarrett, Curriculum Director Audrey Kell, Senator Mike Cunningham, Houston Schools Superintendent Dr. Allen Moss, Project Lead the Way representative Andrea Holzwarth, Missouri S&T representative David Hosick