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Practice of Appreciation

Houston High School Track had a "Practice of Appreciation" on Wednesday, April 12, 2017. At this practice the athletes and coaches were split into teams and given a list of 5 local places to stop by on their town run. These places included: the high school/middle school, elementary school, Walgreens, the police station, and Houston Herald. The athletes were required to thank the local businesses for all they do for our community and invite them to our track meet at Willow Springs on April 24. Once they were done, the athletes were required to take a picture with the employees. We would like to take the time again to thank all the local businesses that are a part of our sports programs at Houston High! 
Posing with Lisa Malam HMS  Posing with Wanda Ichord Elementary  Posing with City of Houston  Posing at Walgreens  Posing at Houston Herald  Posing with HMS Amber Stephens  Posing with Jody Jarrett Elementary  Posing with Houston Herald