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Alpha Rho Tau Art Show Awards

Houston Art Students placed at the 2016 Alpha Rho Tau Art Show hosted by Hartville High School April 11 – 16. There were 13 school districts that competed with over 1500 pieces of art in the competition.

 Destiny Pounds came in third in overall points for the Top Student Awards.

Students that received 1st place ribbons were: Madison Lawson and Destiny Pounds earned three first place ribbons.

Students that received 2nd place ribbons were: Azurede Hayes, Mikayla Bathon, Sam Mings, Vanessa Flores and Destiny Pounds.

Students that received 3rd place ribbons were: Azurede Hayes, Vanessa Flores and Shelby Vasseur.

Students that received 4th place ribbons were: Josh Stell, Cassie Evenson and Azurede Hayes earned two 4th place ribbons.

Destiny Pounds received two Honorable Mention ribbons.

Azurede Hayes was awarded a special Community Choice Award and a cash prize for her charcoal drawing of John F. Kennedy.
Destiny Pounds  
 Madison Lawson
Josh Stell  
Group Photo