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Educator's Workshop

Houston High School counselor, Tara Volk, was selected to attend the Educators Workshop in San Diego April 18th-22nd, 2016.  This free workshop, including meals and airfare, is put on annually by the Marines as a recruiting tool for high school counselors, administrators, and coaches.  Mrs. Volk was given this opportunity through her local recruiters, Sgt. Roy Stewart III and Staff Sgt. Richard Allen.  They have an office in Rolla but they periodically make lunch room visits and other contacts with students interested in a military career. 

This experience was a “mild” introduction to the 13 week training that new Marine recruits undergo in boot camp.   As part of the workshop they provided briefs and hands-on opportunities of what a recruit will endure during each week of training.  A sense of pride and appreciation was overwhelming.  The educators were allowed to have breakfast with new Marines after they had completed the Crucible in week 12.  Mrs. Volk asked the young man sitting next to her why he had chosen to be a Marine since his dad was from another branch of service, and he simply said “Ma’am, it’s the Marines.”  Another example Mrs. Volk noticed immediately following graduation was a toddler aged girl that hid behind her mom because she didn’t recognize the Marine before her.  These young men are transformed during the process.

Mrs. Volk would like to thank all the Marines who helped make this possible.  If you would like to see more pictures or videos you can go to Marine Corps Recruiting Station Kansas City or Midwest Marines on Facebook or #EducatorWorkshop or #MidwestMarines on Twitter.

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 group photo