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School Messenger Program

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As of July 15, the district’s Dewsly connection will no longer work.  Many of you subscribed to that service over the past couple of years but the district has transitioned to School Messenger to alert parents to school notifications through phone calls.  There several issues that led the district to making the switch.  Many of you starting receiving School Messenger calls during the spring semester while we were trying the service out.  Very soon you will receive information on how to “opt-in” to receive text messages in addition to phone messages.  School Messenger requires parents to opt-in so people who do not have text messaging on their phone plan won’t be accidentally charged for those text messages.  Parents will not need to do anything to begin getting School Messenger calls.  Parent phone numbers are automatically captured from our Student Information System containing parent and student information on all students.  The district does ask parents to keep the district informed during the school year if you change your phone number as this system is used for routine and emergency calls.