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Houston Choir leads the SCA

Houston Choir once again leads the SCA in Honor Choir members!

19 Houston Choir students were selected for the 2017 All-Conference Honors Choir.

Junior, Summer Floyd; Sophomores, Lucas Bailey and Adryanna Kirn, and Freshman, Haley Wilber received perfect scores on their auditions.

Seniors, Rheanna Martin, Macy Smith, Jaden Beasley, Laney Fuwell; Juniors: Jade Sisco and William Wilson; Sophomores – Bailey Moore, Tyler Gross, Jaekan Moss, John Wallace, Taylor Medlock, and Freshmen – Gabi Hicks, Wyatt Rist, Zach Brannan and Nick Rippinger were also selected for this Honor.

Houston topped the SCA schools with 19 students qualifying.

The SCA Choir Competition and Honors Choir Concert will be Saturday, November 18 in Mountain Grove.

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