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AMI Guidance Q&A

AMI High School Guidance AND Frequently Asked Questions



  • All high school students are asked to be engaged in the Alternative Methods of Instruction (AMI) format by clicking on the link that is provided after each day.

Alternative Methods of Instructions (AMI) Daily Plans

  • Parents who have a google account may also have access to the links to follow the activities that are being suggested by the classroom teacher.

Click here to set up an account: Google Account Set up



  • AMI are ways to support continuous learning during unforeseen circumstances such as COVID-19.
  • Students will have the opportunity for skill reinforcement, remediation, and enrichment through virtual means.
  • Students who have been identified as a household that can not access adequate internet service will be provided hard-copy supplemental materials related to the specific contents that other students are accessing virtually.
  • AMI will be facilitated through a link that students can use at any time to find specific course work activities/assignments.



  • Between March 30 and April 3, students will have access to the AMI link.
  • During the week of March 30 and April 3, student activities and assignments are still optional resources to be used at the discretion of the student and parent. These activities/assignments are highly encouraged.
  • AMI expectations for accountability (grading, completion, etc.) may change after April 3, depending on the nature of our students' return.



  • AMI links will be posted after each day in the High School Newsletter, "Take a Look...".
  • AMI links will also be available on the district website under the Student/Parent Tab---Student Links button.



  • The intent would be to continue the education process for our kids during this time of closure.



  • Students will need to check the AMI link to view daily assignments.
  • Students/parents will need to contact classroom teachers or office staff if they are confused or need content-level assistance.
  • Submission of activities and/or assignments will be communicated at a later date. Again, all student activities and assignments are still optional resources to be used at this discretion of the student and parent. These activities/assignments are highly encouraged.
  • Student participation and completion of activities will be monitored by classroom teachers to assess participation rates. Again, these activities are optional from March 30 - April 3.


Frequently Asked Questions:


What if I need assistance from my teacher?

  • Under each day, there will be a link that is available for Staff Virtual Office Hours.  During those times listed, a teacher will be available to provide content assistance. If a student wishes to connect with a specific teacher, he/she will have to find the specific hours available and connect then or send an email and await a response.  Teachers are asked to respond/connect immediately only during the listed office hours; however, a teacher may choose to be accessible during unconventional hours.  


HS Teachers Office Hours  



What if I don’t have internet access at home?


  • Students who do not have adequate access will be provided hard-copy materials; however, please see information below:


If you don’t currently have internet access, Charter Communications (Spectrum) may be able to help. Charter is currently offering free Spectrum broadband and Wi-Fi access for 60 days to households with K-12 and/or college students who do not already have a Spectrum broadband subscription. To enroll in this program call 1-844-488-8395.


For more information, please see the press release from Charter linked below:


Charter Communications



Please also check out:

AMI Instructions for Students and Parents