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Important Calendar Change Information

Good Afternoon,
We want to make you aware of a change to the current year calendar. Due to days missed for this year, we need to add a day to the existing calendar. Monday, March 22nd which was scheduled to be off will be utilized as a make up day.
Each year the Houston School District has days built in to accommodate for inclement weather. This year however, we also utilized 3 days in the fall due to CoVid. Because of this, once we exceeded 6 weather days, we had to choose either to make up days up or utilizing AMI (alternative methods of instruction) days. By utilizing AMI days for some of the time missed, we only need to make up one day at this point.
This makeup day will be on March 22nd, this date will also cover one additional day missed. If we miss 2 or 3 more days we will look at adding Monday, April 5th. If we miss 4-5 more days, we would add one day on the end of the calendar (May 20).
Again at this point, we only have to add one day which will take place on Monday March 22, 2021. School will be in session as a regular school day.
Thank you
Dr. Moss