Houston R-I School District provides students an opportunity to participate in part-time online learning courses at the high school level.  For families interested in full time online learning, opportunities are provided through approved platforms through the Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Programs known as MOCAP.  MOCAP are online virtual programs which are overseen by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education and the State Board of Education.  In accordance with the Missouri state law 161.670 RSMo virtual instruction can be an effective education option for some students. 

MOCAP offers courses for grades K-12. Students can take courses from any Internet-connected computer, available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. MOCAP's mission is to offer Missouri students equal access to a wide range of high quality courses, and interactive online learning that is neither time nor place dependent.



Please be aware that if you are interested in enrolling your student into a full-time virtual environment under MOCAP you will need to enroll them in their resident district, Houston R-1 School District.  With the changes to legislation under HB 1552, your student(s) will then need to enroll with a MOCAP provider. Once your student(s) is enrolled with a MOCAP provider your student will be withdrawn from the Houston R-1 School District. A list of MOCAP providers with school district hosts can be found here.

Once your student(s) have been enrolled with the virtual provider the Houston R-1 School District will no longer provide devices, services, resources or support to students who are not enrolled in the Houston R-1 School District.  This is a significant change that went into effect August 2022 and you will need to contact your online providers and/or hosting school districts to assist you with any needs your student has regarding their virtual coursework.  

If a student does not meet the MOCAP Academic and Attendance Policy they could be dropped from the online program.  If a student is dropped from a MOCAP program they will be contacted by their resident district, Houston R-1 School District, to discuss options regarding their student(s) educational setting.  

You can review our Houston R-1 School Board Policy regarding MOCAP registration here: Virtual Course Policy

Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education MOCAP Enrollment Overview

Why do we need MOCAP?

MOCAP allows Missouri to:

  • Expand the range of courses and opportunities offered to students.

  • Allow students to take a course not offered at the local school district.

  • Provide courses for students who have schedules that prevent them from taking a course when it is offered.  MOCAP offers, “any time, any place” learning for Missouri students.

  • Present high-quality instruction to students who are in alternative education settings.

How are MOCAP classes structured?

MOCAP students are guided through courses by Missouri-certified teachers.  Courses are delivered over the Internet.  To assure student success with online learning, a variety of technology resources (streaming audio and video, computer animations, email, live chats, etc.) are provided.  Teachers communicate with students and parents via email, phone, online messaging, etc.

MOCAP Course Catalog

Parents/Guardians of students interested in the MOCAP program and online courses should work with their school counselor to determine the best plan of action and the best courses for the individual student. The MOCAP Course Catalog contains a comprehensive list of all courses offered by MOCAP providers.

More MOCAP Information

For more information from Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education please visit.

Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program (MOCAP) Change Guidance and FAQ HB 1552 (Section 161.670, RSMo)

Contact MOCAP

Missouri House Bill 161.670.  Course access and virtual school program established, eligibility for enrollment