Teacher Proud Tuesday

This week's ⭐ #TeacherProudTuesday ⭐ is a spotlight of Mrs. Dana Wilson, a high school mathematics teacher.

According to Mrs. Amanda Munson, High School Principal, "Mrs. Wilson exemplifies all we desire in our teachers. She is dedicated to the district, passionate about student success, and truly cares for our students. She has proven that she is a lifelong learner, not afraid to step out of her comfort zone to try new strategies and curriculum for the benefit of her students. 

"Mrs. Wilson is very involved in and invested in the students of Houston High School. She organizes or is the sponsor of many groups: NHS, Beta Club, Academic Challenge, Math and Science Relays, and lead Sophomore Class Sponsor. Mrs. Wilson is a great asset to our building, and we are thankful she is on our team."

🟥 #TheBestWillBe 🟥