Beta Club

It was an incredibly successful weekend for the HHS Beta Club at the State Convention! Andy Durham, Kristen Ely and Miah Bressie all brought home individual first-place honors and the Quiz Bowl team also placed first. Here's a look at Houston's awards:

🟥 Ari Frisbee - 5th, Biomedical Science, 10th Grade
🟥 Hanna Huffman - 3rd, Color Photography, Division II
🟥 Kristen Ely - 1st, Mixed Media, Division I; 3rd, Drawing, Division I; 3rd, Onsite Drawing, Division I; 4th, Painting, Division I; 5th, Language Arts, 10th Grade
🟥 Micah Manion - 3rd, Hand Drawn Anime, Division I
🟥 Gracyn McNiell - 5th, Math, 9th Grade
🟥 Miah Bressie - 1st, Onsite Painting, Division II; 4th, Science, 11th Grade
🟥 Andy Durham - 1st, Science, 12th grade; 3rd, Instrumentalist/Performing Arts; 3rd, Spelling Bee

🟥 Quiz Bowl - 1st Place - Andy Durham, Allie Benoist, Stone Jackson, Addison Cook
🟥 Musicology - 5th Place - Andy Durham, Miah Bressie, Daniel Eastman, Kendal Johnson)
🟥 Club Trading Pin - 5th - Gracyn McNiell, Allie Benoist, Kendal Johnson
🟥 G.O.L.D. Key award for growth in attendance at convention.

Special thanks to our sponsors, Mrs. Dara Jackson and Mrs. Dana Wilson, and congratulations to all the qualifiers and winners!