Teachers of the year

The Houston R-1 School District is honored to announce our 2022-23 teachers of the year. This year's recipients are Dawn Williams (elementary), Micah Lee (middle school) and Amanda Rust (high school).

Mrs. Williams is a special education teacher who was described as going above and beyond daily for the elementary school. She is upbeat, outgoing, and has a natural ability to connect with both students and teachers.

"Mrs. Williams is always solutions-based when addressing any issue or potential problem. She has a natural ability to adapt to any situation and always does what is best for students,"  according to HES Principal Jody Jarrett and HES Assistant Principal Jim Moore. "Mrs. Williams is incredibly empathetic and always looks for the positive in every person and situation. She is patient, kind, compassionate, and flexible, which is important when dealing with difficult situations. Mrs. Williams comes to work with a positive attitude, always offers to help in any situation, and provides meaningful learning experiences for students."

Mrs. Lee had made an impression among students and staff as a first-year instructor in the district teaching middle school social studies.

"Mrs. Lee is a rockstar who has a love for teaching, provides an engaging atmosphere for her students, and excels at being a team player with her colleagues," said Mrs. Tracy Hughes, HMS Principal. "This is her first year at HMS and we are so thankful to have her."

Mrs. Rust teaches alternative education and leads the yearbook for the high school. She also is an adult learning instructor through Missouri State University-West Plains. One colleague stated: "Mrs. Rust excels at meeting the daily challenges she faces to keep her students on track to be successful. She cares about her students and puts their needs at the forefront of each day."

"She is a great asset to HHS and has a strong passion and dedication to see students succeed," said HHS Principal Amanda Munson. "She is compassionate, willing to help in any capacity, wants the best for our students and district, and is a great advocate for students who are sometimes overlooked by others. Mrs. Rust definitely contributes to a positive climate and culture and is a vital member of the Houston High School team."