Houston Schools is offering free district ACT testing to any junior on March 26, 2024. Sophomores and Seniors can take advantage of district testing as well for up to $51.75 to test. Some of the advantages of district testing are:

👉 Testing during the school day. You do not need to find transportation to an ACT location on Saturday.

👉 Location is guaranteed. They won't close the site due to low numbers like they can for National testing.

👉 Cheaper than a National Test ($51.75 compared to $68 for the exact same test).

You can improve your score the more times you take the ACT. Most colleges accept superscores. Your superscore is the average of your best scores from each subject from multiple test attempts.

Registrations are due by Jan. 5, 2024. Sign up here ➡️

🟥 #HoustonFutureReady 🟥