This school year we are excited to offer the Early Identification System (EIS). This resource is provided by the National Center for Rural School Mental Health as well as the University of Missouri-Columbia. The EIS offers our school surveys and checklists for students and teachers, opportunities for professional development specific to our district’s identified needs, a wealth of resources for student academic and social/emotional support, and much more!

Student checklists contain items that will inform us how students are doing in the classroom, how well they are getting along with their peers, and if they need more support than what they are currently receiving. Items on the checklist are noncontroversial.

Fall (October 16-30)

  • Teacher Survey & Checklist 1

  • Student Survey & Checklist 1

  • Principal Survey 1

Spring (TBD)

  • Teacher Survey & Checklist 2

  • Student Survey & Checklist 2

  • Principal Survey 2

Data gathered from these surveys and checklists will be used for district-wide decisions to support our students better in the areas of their academic, career, and social/emotional development. Students’ personal information will be protected and secure. If you have any additional questions about this, please contact your building principal and/or counselor.