Houston R-1 School District

Houston High School athletes who competed in the springs sports season of the 2021-22 school year were honored by their respective coaches at the Spring Sports Banquet. The following awards were announced and given to students:


  • Gold Glove Award - Wiley Sisco
  • Cy Young - Garyn Hall
  • Best Batting Average - Garyn Hall
  • Most RBIs - Garyn Hall
  • Golden Spikes (most steals) - Garyn Hall 


  • Silver Slugger: Mali Brookshire
  • Kay Osterman: Aliyah Walker
  • Stolen Bases: Karlee Curtis
  • Most RBI’s: Mackenzie Holder
  • Golden Glove: Mali Brookshire
  • Most Improved: Madi Reed
  • Rookie of the Year: Lacey Cavaness
  • Utility Player of the Year: Kelsey Pritchett 


  • Boys Rookie Points Leader - Dmitrii Zveniatckovskii
  • Girls Rookie Points Leader - Kristen Ely
  • Girls Sprinter of the Year - Olivia Crites
  • Boys Sprinter of the Year - Nathan Garnica
  • Girls Distance Runner of the Year - Kristen Ely
  • Boys Distance Runner of the Year - Hunter McKinney
  • Girls Field Event Athlete of the Year - Makenzi Arthur
  • Boys Field Event Athlete of the Year - PJ Mister
  • Boys High Point Champion - Nathan Garnica
  • Girls High Point Champion - Olivia Crites