School Resource Officer Josh Green

All staff at the Houston R-1 School District participated Thursday, Aug. 18, in the district's annual active shooter and intruder training. The three-hour session included hands-on drills and simulated lockdowns on campus.

"Your students are in good hands with the Houston school system," said Tim Ceplina of Spearpoint LLC. "Your teachers care about them, and they care enough to do everything in their power to protect them, even at risk to themselves."

Ceplina, a former law enforcement officer who served as Houston Police Chief, led the training and exercises. Also participating were Houston School Resource Officer Josh Green and officers from the Houston, Missouri Police Department, Texas County Sheriff and Missouri Department of Conservation.

Ceplina taught the "run, hide, fight" method of dealing with possible threats. 

"The staff responded fantastically," Ceplina said.