HHS Seniors and Families: Please take note of the upcoming yearbook deadlines and deliver the respected items to Mrs. Mandy Rust to avoid missing out. Unfortunately, due to deadlines and space constraints, we will be unable to accept late submissions.

🟥 BABY PHOTO - Optional (free) - Due by Friday, January 20 - A priceless way to honor your Senior (and maybe embarrass them a little!) is as simple as providing us with your favorite baby/toddler picture of your Senior. Baby photos MUST be submitted to

🟥 SENIOR QUOTE - Optional (free) - Due by Friday, January 20 - Your senior quote is a way to let words sum up your high school years and leave a lasting mark. These quotes are only limited to your own creativity but we are short on space so please keep it concise! Quotes must be school appropriate and will be approved by the administration. Submit quotes via the Google Form emailed to senior students from Mrs. Rust and/or linked here:

🟥 SENIOR AD - Optional (price list available) - Due by Friday, March 3, - A Senior Ad is a way to show additional love and appreciation for your Senior. In this tribute, you can add a message and pictures customized to your ad size. For prices or to submit your completed Senior Advertisement follow this link:

🟥 SENIOR PICTURE - Optional - Due by Friday, March 24 - Your composite senior picture taken by Joe Ward will be used in the yearbook but we are also offering the opportunity to provide your own professional and appropriate senior picture as well! If we do not receive an additional picture, we will use only your school photo taken by Joe Ward Photography. Additional senior pictures MUST be submitted to for approval

🟥 YEARBOOK ORDER - $45.00 - This is a critical piece! You are in it, so you deserve to have one! Of all your years in high school, this is one that you will really want to remember. Online sales can be found at

Please do not miss these deadlines. Contact for any questions or additional information.